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Mark Hollands


Mark Hollands began his first novel, ‘Amplify’ as a self-publishing venture and was shortlisted in the 2016 ‘Ned Kelly’ Crime Writers Association Awards, the first-ever self-published work to be shortlisted for those awards. The novel is now on submission internationally. Mark is currently writing a new ‘Billy Lime’ thriller.


Mark is a journalist by trade, having been a reporter and editor for  newspapers and magazines in Australia, Britain, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. He lives in Sydney, is married to Kylie and has two sons, Sam and Charlie. 




The Waterboys

Published 2011  Fremantle Press, Australia


‘…a fine  example of speculative fiction. Similar to Orwell’s 1984, it takes a contemporary theme and creates a world both familiar and different to our own.  This is a finely written book, enjoyable to read.  Four stars.     Bookseller + Publisher

Someone Else's Country

Published 2009  Fremantle Press, Australia


‘…a powerful historical document …’        Australian Book Review

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