Alan Carter

Alan Carter is an award-winning author of crime fiction, and sometimes television documenatry director who divides his time between Fremantle and Tasmania.


His Cato Kwong series - Prime Cut; Getting Warmer; Bad Seed; and Heaven Sent - has been published in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Prime Cut was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award, and won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction in 2011. t 


Alan's first novel set in New Zealand, Marlborough Man, won the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, was shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel 2018 and published in Germany in June 2019.  

Alan's second New Zealand-set novel, Doom Creek, was published by Fremantle Press in late 2020 and will be published in Germany in 2021.

Prime Cut

Published 2011 Fremantle Press, Australia

Rights sold: UK, US, Germany, France, Spain

Meet Cato Kwong — disgraced cop and ex-poster boy for the police force. Banished to the stock squad after the fallout from a police frame-up, Cato is brought in from the cold to solve the case of a torso washed up on the wild shores of the Great Southern Ocean. But Cato faces powerful opposition when his investigation lifts the lid on the exploitation of migrant workers and disturbs an even darker criminal mind.


‘As with all good crime fiction there are many layers to this story, genuine “aha” moments and a very strong cast of main and supporting characters.’   Australian Bookseller + Publisher

Getting Warmer

Published 2013  Fremantle Press, Australia

Rights sold: UK, US, Germany

Cato Kwong is back. Back in Boom Town and back on a real case – the unsolved mystery of a missing fifteen-year-old girl. But it’s midsummer in the city of millionaires and it’s not just the heat that stinks. A pig corpse, peppered with nails, is uncovered in a shallow grave and a body, with its throat cut, turns up in the local nightclub. As a series of blunders by Cato’s colleague brings the squad under intense scrutiny, Cato’s own sympathy for a suspect threatens to derail his case and his career.


‘Getting Warmer‘ is replete with such gems. It’s a winner!.’  Sydney Morning Herald

Bad Seed

Published 2015  Fremantle Press, Australia


When a prosperous Chinese-Australian family is viciously murdered, Acting Detective Sergeant Cato Kwong is forced to recall a personal history with the Tans that makes his investigation doubly painful. Soon Kwong is on his way to Shanghai as part of the investigating team, with a whole lot to learn about guanxi — the intricate connections and obligations that underpin the social, business and criminal structure of the country of his ancestors. In a world of spoilt rich kids and cyber dragons, the truth is both exotic and dangerous. Meanwhile, DI Hutchens, armed only with angina spray, fronts an inquiry as some of his past misdeeds come back to haunt him, and Lara Sumich is facing a job crisis of a kind she would never have dreamed.


"As a crime novel, Bad Seed is hard to beat.  The  quality of the  writing is superb.'

Weekend Australian.